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D Printing for Everyday People Video

Welcome back sound you're hearing maybe that's the sound of the future. Printers are almost a second thought when it comes to buying tech. There's a new kind of printer on the market 3 D printers ABC tech contributor traders here explain what they're all about we have one running right now. Absolutely fascinating. Yeah I you know treatment centers used to be these humongous Comprar Levitra machines that only inventors engineers used to make privatized but every day people are using them. And I got a firsthand look at all the court things they're making. Pretty basic. 3 D on the other hand are anything but. I'm here inside the green conference in New York please the late trading partner. With 3 D printers you can make virtually anything your imagination and topless. terror designed an object using 3 D modeling software in 3 D printers and could it. Layer by layer projects of all shapes and sizes will retail The most intricate designs and music in a variety of fields like medicine and manufacturing. Personal three printers can cost a couple thousand dollars. And high price tag will likely keep the majority of Sustanon 250 4 Ml A Week consumers away but if you're itching to create sites like shape boys can take care of the heavy lifting. Letting you design your own product which they'll then and sixteen years. People want to have more influence in the products made by Kevin greed I hear about a product that you should be out there are a lot of people to buy we make it very easy. In Europe retailers like staples are gearing up to in the three printing services. Need a pair of shoes just sit and over at Disney's Hollywood studios a new 3 D training experience even lets users create a Star Wars storm trooper figurines their own likeness. Cameras in your face to intriguing model in the three critter produces a one of a kind. For creative types greedy are taking all kinds of designs. Off the different things into reality. that just racing it's it's really. Unbelievable I wanna print them Bobble head and John "Anadrol 50" Muller won't let me if they could do it you can't say that what do you right now this is. A "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" this is printer 3 D systems and right now seeing a pair of sunglasses so you can see it kind of seeing "Oxandrolone Powder India" Masteron Side Effects For Women' hiring in layering and and it's just layer upon layer of plastic and that's the final product these were with this machine yeah. I think I mean six. It's crazy so this is basically just plastic and that's being fed and it's being up mountain comes out of a single nozzle right there. Don't supposed to principal lines as right no an island that's very far planet "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" physically like you know you if you haven't Microsoft Word document. Feed it to your pointed out this is. He had three printer you have 3 D design file feed it to this and about promises cost. Thirteen hundred and this is like as a friendly home model that we like thirteen and about five more years but yet that is just I think take a look some of this stuff yeah. Horrible way hearings iPhone cases really great stuff began crime patterns online and campground. Masteron Toxicity Kind of frightening and tell you what. Thanks to you BC's Tina we'll be right back to watch world news.

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