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'Dr Death' was a bully

'Dr Injectable Steroids For Bodybuilding In India Death' was a bully: whistleblowerMARK COLVIN: The nurse who blew the whistle on the botched work of a foreign trained doctor in Queensland has painted a picture of a demanding, harassing and angry man who bullied anyone who questioned him.The Bundaberg nurse is the first person to give evidence at an inquiry that began as an investigation into one foreign trained doctor, but has quickly expanded into a wide ranging look at just who "buy cheap jintropin online" is staffing Queensland's public hospitals.Despite the evidence in these cases, the Australian Medical Association is desperate that the inquiry should not become "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" a witch hunt for doctors trained overseas.Lisa "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" Millar reports.LISA MILLAR: Toni Hoffman was working alongside Dr Jayant Patel at Bundaberg's public hospital when she began worrying about his expertise. He failed to pick up basic medical signs in one patient.TONI HOFFMAN: He'd actually become more unstable, and he also developed what to me was a, looked like a chylothorax, which was another example of why I was perturbed about Dr Patel, because once you've seen it you always remember it. But Dr Patel didn't recognise it at all.LISA MILLAR: Toni Hoffman turned whistleblower, writing a letter about her fears, which was then tabled in the Queensland Parliament. That was in March.A week later, the Indian trained doctor left the country bound for the United States; his whereabouts today still a mystery.At least 65 deaths are linked to the scandal.Toni Hoffman is the first to start filling in the details Masterton Rentals about Comprar Levitra the man now known as Dr Death.TONI HOFFMAN: The yelling and the screaming and the denigrating of the ICU staff, the calling of the ICU third world, and the hospital third world, and?it's difficult?BR>LAWYER: And this was a continuing?BR>TONI HOFFMAN: This was a?yeah, it was?BR>TONI HOFFMAN: Constant. Yeah, yeah. And also, from the first, probably after about the first issue when we first went up to make the complaint, Dr Patel refused to ever speak to me again, so I was trying to run the intensive care unit with the director of surgery who wouldn't speak to me.LISA MILLAR: For hours Toni Hoffman took the stand, offering an insight into how the doctor dealt with his patients.CROSS EXAMINER: You had said in this statement that Dr Patel would describe a patient as stable, when all the clinical indicators were ?by everybody else's assessment ?the patient was not stable.TONI HOFFMAN: Dr Patel was very angry with the nursing staff, because we were telling the family that he was unstable, and he was telling them that he was able. But at some point during the patient's stay it became obvious that, you know, the patient was going to die.LISA MILLAR: Dr Patel had a history of alleged malpractice. He'd been disciplined in New York and Oregon.TONI HOFFMAN: Dr Patel was wanting to do very complex Equipoise Motivational Interviewing and large scale surgeries which really didn't fit within our scope of practice.LISA MILLAR: He once carried out a complex operation on "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" a cancer patient the other surgeons had said couldn't be done ?the anaesthetist remarking it was an expensive way for someone to die.

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