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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Eat smart. Move more. Don't smoke.

It's a simple message that Dr. Terry Cline brings to his new role as Oklahoma's commissioner of health. But it's one that Cline says can improve the overall health of Oklahomans and lift the state from near the bottom of the nation's health rankings.

"We have as individuals the incredible opportunity to change all that," said Cline, 50, a psychologist who took over as the state's top health officer on June 30. "If we can attack those three issues how we eat, how we move and our tobacco status we will make huge, huge gains in the state of Is Testosterone Propionate Illegal Oklahoma."

Convincing Oklahomans to change unhealthy behaviors will require the combined efforts of health care professionals, educators, employers and others who have a stake in promoting healthy lifestyles, Cline said during an interview with The Associated Press.

"There are simple things that we can do each and every day," Cline said. "There are many, many ways to get that message out."

Cline, an Ardmore native who has been involved in public health issues for more than 20 years, is a former state secretary of health and commissioner of the state Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services who left those positions in 2006 to become the head of the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Department of Health and Human Services on health related challenges in Iraq.

Cline replaces Dr. Michael Crutcher, who retired as the state's health commissioner on Jan. 31. and one of highest in the Middle East.

The Oklahoma Department of Health's 2008 State of the State's Health report card gave Oklahoma a grade of D in infant mortality rates with 8 deaths per 1,000 births compared to the national average of 6.9.

"We have overall poor health relative to other people in the United States," Cline said. "We haven't made as much progress as some of our sister states.

"It's all a matter buy cheap jintropin online of magnitude and degree of difference. The old adage about everything is relative is really true."

Cline said his chief focus is on unhealthy behaviors that lead to high obesity, inactivity and tobacco use rates and put Oklahoma ahead of much of the nation in deaths due to heart disease and stroke.

Chronic lower respiratory diseases continue to plague Oklahoma at higher than national average rates primarily because of Oklahoma's continued high use of cigarettes, and the state ranks among the 10 worst states in the prevalence of diabetes, according to the health "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" report card.

"Taken in sum, these Oxymetholone Raw Powder conditions result in a much higher total mortality rate for Oklahoma than the rest of the nation," the report card said.

Cline said legislation adopted by the Oklahoma Legislature in recent years have helped promote healthier lifestyles.

Health officials credit anti smoking initiatives like a voter approved tobacco tax increase and a ban on smoking in most Oklahoma workplaces for a decline in the adult smoking rate in the state. The Health Department said the rate dropped from 28.7 percent in 2001 to 24.7 Masteron King percent last year.

Cline said health officials "buy cheap jintropin online" will likely push for tougher regulations on smoking to limit public exposure to second hand smoke.

"There is no healthy amount of tobacco use," Cline said. "Any amount of tobacco use is bad for you."

While regulations are important, Cline said individual behavior is the key to changing unhealthy lifestyles that can lead to chronic illness and premature death. And to change behavior, health professionals must form partnerships with business, education and community leaders to stress healthy lifestyles.

"What can you do as a teacher, as a community leader, as a Boy Scout leader, a Girl Scout leader?" Cline said. "What can you do to actually improve the health status of our community?"

Students and young people are constantly bombarded with countermessages to a healthy lifestyle in popular music and other media. "In many ways it feels like we're swimming upstream," Cline said.

But those messages can be replaced with others from teachers, parents and others who promote a healthy lifestyle.

"We need to work with those leaders. Everyone has a stake in that. They are impacted by that," Cline said.

A Bivirkninger healthy population is also important to the state's economic health, he said.

"If they're unhealthy and struggling with attendance and productivity, that has to have a negative on a business," Cline said.

The state's high poverty rate is a factor in Oklahomans' access to health care as well as the foods they choose to eat, he said. Learning "to eat smart, to move more" is important to healthier lifestyles.

"Getting up and talking to the person down the hall instead of sending an e mail, taking the 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron stairs instead of the elevator," Cline said. "Look at the cost associated with those. Not much."

The challenge of improving the overall health of Oklahomans is daunting. But Cline said that only 20 years ago health professionals believed it was impossible to lower tobacco use rates to the levels they are at today.

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