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Grand Rapids taco shop owner surprised to see property on demolition list

GRAND RAPIDS, MI The owner of a popular taco shop in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood Billig Generisk Cialis expressed surprise to learn his business was included on a list of properties being eyed for demolition by a nonprofit housing developer.

Tacos El Cunado, at "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" 1342 Grandville Ave. SW, was included on a list of more than 40 Grand Rapids properties that LINC Community Revitalization is looking to demolish using $682,500 in state blight elimination funding granted in February.

Leo Schlesinger, 50, owns the business and said he never even heard Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop of LINC, formerly known as Buy Cialis Switzerland Lighthouse Communities Inc., and has no plans to knock down a popular neighborhood "Anabolika Definition" business.

He has intention of demolishing, or even selling the business, which he said is doing very well and is considering expansion.

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is America. I have to sell it before they demolish it and I doubt they have enough money to buy that property from me, he said.

Schlesinger, who owns several other business around Grand Rapids, started Tacos El Cunado in a former ice cream stand in 2008 as a place where the wives of some of Schlesinger employees could cook authentic Mexican fare.

The place gained some notoriety after it was featured in a Grand Rapids Community College produced television episode with Secchia Institute chef instructor Angus Campbell.

In March 2010, he leased the place Tren 75 Stack to the current operator, Humberto Alvarez, 54. have an amazing following and have never even Testosterone Enanthate Nolvadex been an hour late for rent, Schlesinger said.

Jeremy DeRoo, LINC executive director, said the organization still has some due diligence to finish in regard to the final list of actual demolitions. The housing developer, which is heavily invested in low income housing on the city Southeast Side, is mostly looking to demolish blighted and vacant commercial and residential properties in Testosterone Propionate 100mg the Madison Square area.

Some of the residential properties are currently occupied and DeRoo said part of the process would involve relocation of those people.

DeRoo expressed surprise this week to discover that Tacos El Cu 1342 Grandville Ave. SW, had been included on the list and said not our intention to displace any business.

It not clear how the property landed on LINC list, he said. The addresses submitted in the grant application were gathered internally by LINC staff and submitted by neighborhood partners.

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