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Historic locomotive steams into Napier

Support crew Wayne Mason (left) and Alastair Maciver with the Testosterone Enanthate Nedir unique steaming memorial to the men of the railways who lost their lives during WWI. Photo / Paul Taylor

A rare part of New Zealand steam train history arrived in Napier yesterday with its caretakers hopeful of bringing it back next year when it is set to turn 100.

It will reach the century milestone at a significant time as it will also be the 100th anniversary of the WWI Gallipoli campaign and the AB class locomotive has a strong connection with the war.

Seven years after it was built in 1915 it was specially named "Passchendaele" and a memorial plaque fitted to serve as a moving memorial to all the railway workers who went into "Anaboliset Aineet" service and died during the war.

"We would like to bring it back here next year but we'll have to wait and see what happens," John Bovis, from Steam Incorporated in Paekakariki, said.

"We will be involved in some WWI commemoration activities, although the Passchedaele campaign was not until Gensci Jintropin 1917."

The locomotive, AB608, and three carriages arrived in Napier on Tuesday evening as part of a rail enthusiasts' North Island excursion.

It was scheduled to depart for Palmerston North this morning "Anabolika Definition" before steaming on to Ohakune and Hamilton arriving in Auckland on Sunday.

Its arrival caught many locals out, with one admiring it yesterday remarking, "I thought I heard a steam whistle but thought it can't be it's not Art Deco weekend".

Mr Bovis said it was the first visit to Napier and it would not be the steamer arriving for the big weekend.

"That will be a JA class."

The locomotive was built in the New Zealand Railway yards in Testosterone Cypionate Negative Side Effects Dunedin and was one of 144 which ran the rails at their peak.

The last of them retired from service in 1967 and the steam group took on its lease 20 years ago and embarked on a major restoration as close inspection showed that many components were worn.

After initial dismantling in the mid 1990s it was decided to completely renew the tender body as the original was in poor 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone condition.

The Winstrol Kuur 8 Weken resulting 20 years of work had brought the historic locomotive back to near new life and last Anzac Day was what the steam enthusiasts described as a "red letter day for 608 and its restoration team" when it was rededicated as a war memorial at a special service at Paekakariki station.

"It runs very well and uses fine South Island coal," Mr Bovis said.

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